Inspire shoppers with complete outfits with machine learning.

Only 13% of apparel retailers provide “Complete the Look” recommendations to shoppers. This valuable data is typically created manually & without automation.

Complete the Look

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How we create fully automated & perfect Complete the Look recommendations for you.


Millions of outfits created by Trendage's users.


Machine learning captures subjective style correlations.


Cross-Sell data for your ecommerce apps.

Lift average order values

Improve average order values by an average of 14 to 21%.

Increase add-to-carts

Increase add to carts by an average of 12 to 18%.

Improve shopper experience

Add inspiration to your product detail pages with “how to wear it” suggestions and improve shopper confidence.

Stellar email campaigns

Improve email marketing & order confirmation alerts with complementary product suggestions.

Stronger ad creatives

Show complementary products in banner creatives, not similar products or a mix of random products.

Complete the look