Automatically tag clothes, footwear & accessories.

Manually typing tags for your products is tedious. Yet, shoppers demand more information while shopping, better filters to narrow results and improved text search capabilities on your website and apps. It's time to automate product data tagging with computer vision & machine learning.

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Brand new filters

Enable your shoppers to filter product results with both subjective and physical attributes.

Improve shopper experience

Better feature descriptions result in better shopper experience leading to higher conversions.

Enhance site search

Stronger text descriptions for clothes & accessories leads to better search results on your site.

Improve search engine listings

With fully automated text content your products get the visibility they deserve on leading search engines.

Pay as you go!

Pricing is based on the number of product images you process with Trendage's computer vision & AI solutions.

  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Volume discounts available.
  • Easy API integrations & widgets.
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